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Your wedding decor is supposed to mirror who you are as a couple, what you love, and what defines your love story itself. So, if you and your SO are big fans of music, it will come as a natural choice for you to create a wedding theme inspired by your biggest passion.

How to pull it off? We have gathered some of the cutest ideas for music-loving couples – so read on and find out more.

  • Replace your flower bouquet with a paper-flower one, made with music scores. Walk down the aisle embracing your biggest passion: music. It will make for such a personal and unique touch!
  • Replace your bridesmaids’ bouquets with musical instruments (preferably, small musical instruments, so that they can carry them just as they would with a bouquet). They will definitely like showing off your love of music!
  • Sing something at your own wedding. Are you and your spouse-to-be more than just fans of music, but creators as well? Surprise your guests with a mini-concert featuring your favorite all-time song. It will create such a magical, unforgettable moment!
  • Personalize your shoes or your cufflinks with music scores. Add a bit of your music-loving to your wedding look too! You can either settle on a completely random music score, or you can settle on something that’s more meaningful for your relationship – either way, it will be a more than nice addition to your wedding look.


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