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weddingPlanning beautiful décor, choosing a lovely venue, and creating a welcoming atmosphere can really make a wedding beautiful! However, if you want to take your big day from beautiful to extravagant, you can showcase unique lighting to really make your wedding pop. This will bring a unique detail to your special day that most people don’t see very often, certainly making an impression.

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Have you considered presenting unique lighting at your wedding?

Here at DJ Dave Productions, we know that wedding entertainment doesn’t end with great music! That’s why we want to share the top three elements of lighting that you could present at your wedding, to really “wow” your guests! If you are ready to become inspired, be sure to continue reading:

  • Gobo. Now that you are getting married, you are presented with a new date in the year that will forever hold a special meaning. Also, you have the opportunity to share your last name or take on a new one. You can showcase these important details within your lighting. Gobo lighting allows you to customize your lights and showcase words, numbers, or designs that hold a special meaning in your life, such as your wedding date, your new married name, and more.
  • Up-Lighting. Does your wedding venue offer beautiful architecture or structures? If so, know that you can really make them pop with up-lighting! Beams of beautiful light throughout your wedding venue can really set the celebratory mood and create an epic feel for your big night. In addition, you can discover virtually any color that you please, so that your lights will complement your wedding theme and color scheme.
  • Star-Field Nebula. Many couples aim for a wedding look that is truly out of this world. If you and your partner want a gorgeous night among the stars, but don’t want to be outside, you can create this starry effect with Star-Field Nebula lighting. It will bring the stars to you as they project them onto the walls of your venue.

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If you are seeking to illuminate your big day, these are just a few of the many beautiful ways in which you can. Here at DJ Dave Productions, we not only offer Houston wedding DJs, but gorgeous lighting too! Please contact us today to book your beautiful lighting and wedding DJ in Houston, Texas.

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