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Can you imagine your wedding without music? We bet you can’t – and that is because it is such a huge part of the Big Day that it cannot be overlooked in any way. Sure, you will want to plan a playlist everyone invited will genuinely appreciate – but what if you want to take your music entertainment beyond that? We have some tips to help you plan a very unique wedding – so read on and find out more.

  • Name your tables after your favorite songs or bands. Not only will this make guests feel more equal and less divided in “classes”, but it will also add a dash of your own personality to the entire Big Day, making it more special and more…you. Plus, doing this will make your wedding more entertaining too.
  • Play a song. You don’t have to be a professional musician to pull off a simple, sweet song. If you have the time to rehearse it, you and your loved one can create a truly special moment during your Big Day. It may be a song dedicated to your parents, friends, or the entire wedding party – whichever suits you best, really.
  • Organize a song lottery. Ask guests to write their favorite song on a piece of paper and extract 3 of them. The winners will get to hear their song played during the wedding – thus, encouraging them to join in on the dance floor and create a fantastic atmosphere at your Big Day.

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