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Your wedding! Well, this is surely an event you have dreamed of for a long time now – and it is surely something you will want to plan down to the smallest details, so that you make absolutely certain everything is perfect about it.

Have you chosen your wedding ceremony music yet? If not, here are some amazing options to inspire you:


  • The Bridal March, by Wagner. Sweet, romantic and traditional to the core, this song is still one of the top choices when it comes to wedding processionals – and for a good reason too. What other tune in the history of music will ever be able to encompass so much grandeur, emotion and sweetness all in one?
  • Train’s Mary Me. For those of you who want to be less conventional about your wedding, Train has the perfect tune. This is an utterly romantic, modern song that will fill everyone up with good vibes – so it’s more than ideal for a processional too.
  • First Day of My Life, by Bright Eyes. This is an unconventional, unique and truly romantic option for a couple who wants to make a truly grand wedding exit without sticking to the traditional songs. Yes, this is the first day of an amazing life you’ll spend together!
  • Handel’s Wedding March. Amazingly powerful and truly deep, this classical piece is ideal for a couple who wants to keep it classy, elegant and traditional with their wedding recessional. Give it a listen at least – it will send shivers down your spine!


DJ Dave Productions is committed to offering high-quality wedding disc jockeying services for brides and grooms who dream of the perfect Big Day. Contact us, let’s talk about your wedding style and music, and allow us to be part of your love story!

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