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We bet there are processional songs you have listened to over and over again – and if they weren’t played during the actual processional, they definitely landed somewhere in the playlist.

Settling for the highly popular songs is great if you actually like them – but if you’re looking for something different, you should still know you have options.

Take, for example, any of the sweet, unique tunes below:

  • Ingrid Michaelson – You and I. This is not your usual romantic song. It’s all about quirky love and the things that make a couple unique – their dreams, their cute inside jokes, the grand beauty they share with the world. This is a tune that is bound to make anyone smile – so if you are searching for something that’s both romantic and high-energy for your wedding processional, this is it.
  • Michael Giacchino – Married Life. Yep, that’s what you’re heading to – and although this song doesn’t have lyrics, it’s a true masterpiece in the way it embraces the idea of married life and life-long love. It was actually the soundtrack of Up – so you can definitely see just how romantic and amazingly cute it is!
  • Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life. This has a vintage undertone to it, so it’s really perfect for a couple who wants their wedding to be infused by such cute moments of vintage beauty. Plus, the lyrics are absolutely perfect for this kind of moment, and the music itself will just make you feel great – which is precisely what you want from your Houston wedding processional song, right?
  • Beyonce – XO. Queen Bey’s songs are anything but unpopular, but this one tops the ranks when it comes to uniqueness. Not many people include it in their wedding, and even if they do – this is Beyonce, you really cannot go wrong with her! As for the song itself, it’s a real beauty soothing for the soul and truly encompassing the beauty of love, life, and being with your true soulmate. Such a powerful tune and such a powerful voice – you just cannot resist it!


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