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It’s been more than a year since one of the biggest pop stars passed away. Prince was more than just a musician though – he was a trendsetter in terms of fashion and sound alike. Thus, it is more than understandable why people still love his songs, even if it’s been decades since some of the most popular ones were created.

Is Prince a good choice for your Big Day’s playlist?

Of course, and here are some of his best tunes:

  • Raspberry Beret. A true classic that somehow manages to strike the perfect balance between vintage music and modern music. This song has something very indie about it, and the romanticism and cuteness of the entire tune make it perfect for a wedding – not to mention this is bound to be a dance floor-packer!
  • Another high-energy song that will send everyone back to the 80s in the blink of an eye! A definite energizer, this song is really great to play when you want to call people to the dance floor. Literally everyone will love it, regardless of age, or even musical taste!
  • Purple Rain. Obviously, this is one of Prince’s most famous songs – everyone knows it, which is why it’s such a good tune to play at a wedding. It may be a sad song, and it may not seem appropriate for a wedding – but, as long as you don’t play it for one of your special dances, it is guaranteed to bring at least a few couples to the dance floor.


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