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Your wedding reception should mirror your personality and style. But more than anything, it should be FUN and entertaining. It should be the kind of event people feel genuinely great attending – and the kind that generates smile-inducing memories every time people remember it.

How to do that? How to plan the best wedding reception ever? We have some “secrets” for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Mix up your First Dance. Sure, this should be a very romantic, emotional moment – and trust us when we say it will be regardless of the song you choose for this special dance. To make guests enter “party mode”, though, you might want to switch up to a fun, high beat towards the end of the song. It will create such a fun and memorable moment!
  • Play music that people can and actually want to dance to. You may love your indie music – and some of your guests may love it too. But if it’s hard to dance to, people will feel a bit intimidated. We know this is no secret, but playing different musical genres will increase the chances more people want to dance.
  • Hire a good DJ. But more than anything, hire a DJ who understands you as a couple – someone who understands your taste in music and your love story, someone who understands your guests at the same time too. Just this thing alone can make all the difference in the world!


Looking for that DJ in Texas? If you are still searching for the right one, be sure to come and see what DJ Dave Productions can offer! Contact us today and let’s talk about your dream wedding music and how we will make sure everyone at your wedding is truly well entertained!

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