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There’s no age limit to having fun – and that’s precisely why you need to make sure all of your guests are really well entertained at your wedding. You want them to remember this day with a huge smile on their faces, regardless of their age – and following, we have gathered some of the most important tips to help you achieve this:

  • The older guests. The last thing you want is to have your grandma shocked by a very modern and highly inappropriate song – so make sure to remove all of these options from your playlist. At the same time, you want your older guests to have tons of fun too – and the best way to ensure this is by including different genres and musical decades in your playlist.
  • Generations X, Y and Z may seem very different from afar, but when it comes to parties, they can all find common grounds. They enjoy their Top 40s music, but they also have tons of fun on oldies but goldies, especially from the 80s and 90s. More than that, they love a good game or a photo booth as extra-entertainment too!
  • Planning to invite children at your wedding? They may be (very) young, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have fun! Provide them with games, coloring books, and even a children’s entertainer – it will make the little ones happier than you think. Plus, it will make their parents happy too, knowing their young ones are safe.


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