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Come see what Olde Dobbin Station is bringing to the table at their Open House on Sunday July 26th. Where many vendors will showcase what they do best and provide show specials just for attending! Don’t forget about all of the tasters you get to try from the Caterer’s and Cake Artists’. Your heart will skip a beat the second you walk up to those stunning beautiful wooden doors, and what you see on the other side of them will amaze you even more.

Olde Dobbin Station

Check out Olde Dobbin’s Open House they are hosting on Sunday July 26th

Olde Dobbin Station brings a unique sense of that old country look with a sweet vintage touch. With structures built in the early 1900’s that have sense been restored to attain the beauty they carry today. The Artesian Water Well that holds its spot on the property used to act in bringing the community together for a place of fellowship and remains a historical marker for the community.

Olde Dobbin Station Outside View

Check out the view from the outside. It’s a view that is sure to Wow your guests as they pull down the drive.

The details carried with Olde Dobbin Station are to die for. From the tall ceilings to the gorgeous chandeliers hanging from it. The wood work within this venue is so intriguing and the doors say it all! Don’t miss out on what Olde Dobbin has to offer in this 3 hour opportunity to step inside and take it all in.

Olde Dobbin Station Beauty

With plenty of space there is so much room to include the ceremony if the weather turns bad on your special day.

Olde Dobbin Station Inside View

What do you envision when you see all of this open space in this gorgeous venue

Olde Dobbin Station Doors

They look even better in person but they still are full of beauty!

DJ Dave Productions lights up the venue with your wedding colors and keeps the dance floor bouncing to all the new beats.

DJ Facade at Olde Dobbin Station

Clean and Professional DJ Facade for your perfect wedding

Olde Dobbin Station Up-Lighting

Look at how that place glows!




It never fails that Olde Dobbin Station always leaves their mark in your mind and in some of your hearts. It’s a beautiful venue with an awesome staff and we are honored to be a Preferred DJ Entertainment Company. We take great pride in offering unforgettable experiences for our Bride & Groom’s and Olde Dobbin Station never falls short in being a part of that experience.

Olde Dobbin Station Stamp

What a perfect touch to that stained concrete. Just Stunning!

We hope to see you there!