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Music is amazing and it can truly lift up the spirit – but when the songs have been played a thousand times before, music can also become annoying for a bunch of wedding guests who want some real fun.

What are the most hated wedding songs and why is it that you too should avoid playing them at your Big Day? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on to find out more and create a playlist that’s genuinely entertaining for everyone.

  • The Chicken Dance. Remember the days when this was all the hype? The dance was really fun…for the first couple of years. Then it slowly started to become irritating and even downright annoying for most people. These days, it’s a complete no-no for anyone who wants their Big Day to be fun. Take the advice and ban this song from your playlist – your guests will be more than thankful for it!
  • The Cha-Cha Slide. Same goes for the famous Cha-Cha Slide as well. A song and a dance that used to be funny until it got way too overused. Can you even count the times you’ve danced on this? Well, your guests can’t either – and they would very much appreciate it if you simply skipped the line dance altogether.
  • Of all the overplayed wedding playlist songs, this one is really the worst. Not only has it been played at every Bar Mitzvah, anniversary, and wedding in the last couple of decades, but its topic is highly unsuitable for a love story. If you’re not sure about the lyrics, Google them in their English version – you will definitely want to avoid playing this at your wedding once you read them!


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