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Nothing is more fun than a fun wedding – right? Yet, between the meals and the speeches, between the emotion of the ceremony and the lifting vibes of the grand wedding exit, there are quite a few hours you should definitely consider sprinkling with really fun activities.

Music is one (and the most important) of them. Excellent lighting will help as well. And good food is always something that brings a smile on people’s faces. What else can you add to your Houston wedding in terms of entertainment, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Fire breathing entertainment. If you’re the kind of couple who really loves a good show, fire breathers will make an excellent addition to your wedding. Bring them in if you want to shock your guests in a very entertaining and pleasant way. Bring them in if you want people to have genuinely unique memories of your Big Day.
  • Table chef assignees. Delegate one guest at each table to do the “meat cutting” honors. This will create a very familiar experience for your guests and, more importantly, it will help people break the ice if they don’t know each other that well. Jackpot!
  • Live painting. If you love arts and if you want your wedding to be remembered in a really special way, hire a live painter. They will capture your guests and the atmosphere at your wedding in such a beautiful, unique way!


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