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Your wedding is bound to be fun – after all, this is by far one of the happiest events in your life and you will surely want to spread the love and the fun with your amazing wedding guests.

What are some of the very best spring wedding entertainment ideas to bring into the Big Day? We have gathered them right below – read on and inspire yourself.

  • Hire a food truck. This has grown to be quite a big trend in the wedding world – and truth be told, you will surely love it. It doesn’t even matter what the food truck will serve – guests will definitely line up to take their share of late-night snacks and energy (so that they keep dancing until the morning comes, of course!).
  • Toss pom-poms. The traditional rice toss can be adjusted to something more fun and colorful – such as pom-pom toss, for example. Give your guests pom-poms and ask them to toss them at you as you make your wedding exit – we bet the pictures will be amazing! Also, you can replace this with something more delicate too, such as colorful flower petals, for example.
  • Wear a convertible wedding dress. You read that right – how about going big and elegant for the ceremony and short and dance-ready for the reception? Seeing you all prepped-up for a night long of dancing, guests will definitely want to join in on the dance floor and have lots and lots of fun!


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