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Your wedding meal is an important part of the entire big day – and you surely want everyone invited to feel really great tasting the delicious foods you have provided them with. How do you choose the best music for your wedding dinner, though? How do you make sure it is perfectly appropriate for this part of the wedding?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Don’t play slow songs – but don’t play anything too energizing either. The first might make people end up sleepy and definitely not in the mood for the dance party that is to follow. The latter, on the other hand, may get them too excited – and it can be hard to stick to your toasting and cake cutting timeline if people are already dancing.
  • Don’t play one genre only – mix them up! From country songs to rock ballads and back, your wedding playlist should have them all – and your dinner music shouldn’t make any exception from the rule. In the end, you want your wedding guests to genuinely enjoy the songs played on the background – and this includes everyone, from your grandma to your teenage sister.
  • Remember that hiring the right DJ can make or break the entire night. A great DJ knows how to mix different types of music in a way that feels flawless and smooth – so be sure to search and hire someone who’s truly experienced in the art of mixing music for weddings.


Still searching for that person? Come visit DJ Dave Productions and learn more about our services! We have the experience, the talent and the equipment that will make your wedding feel absolutely unforgettable – so you can definitely trust us with such an important day in your life!

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