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Music accompanies the most amazing moments of our lives – and your wedding makes no exception whatsoever. Naturally, you want your wedding ceremony music to be in perfect coordination with your emotions and the romantic vibes of your Big Day – but what are some of the most popular tunes when it comes to this? We have gathered them right below – so read on, inspire yourself, and create a ceremony music playlist that will bring everyone to tears.


  • Debussy’s Claire de Lune. A real classic in the musical repertoire and one of the most popular choices for wedding ceremony processionals, Claire de Lune is a sweet, romantic and beautiful tune you will love at first “listening”. Ideal for a relaxed wedding ceremony, out in the nature!
  • Wagner’s Bridal Chorus. Classics never die – and if there’s one song everyone will absolutely love at a wedding, then this is the one. Mysterious and romantic at the same time, this is a truly grand creation that will make your wedding ceremony feel as if it was torn out of a fairy tale.
  • For the Love of a Princess, from the movie “Braveheart”. Moving on to modern instrumental pieces, this particular tune is one everyone will recognize – not only due to the popularity of the movie it was used in, but for the purity and beauty of its vibes too. Such a great piece to add to your wedding ceremony!
  • Stevie Wonders’ Signed, Sealed, and Delivered I’m Yours. Nothing can beat Stevie’s voice, and if you are looking for a contemporary piece that has been lifted to the ranks of “classics”, this is what you need. One of the most romantic songs ever created, really!


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