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You can never have too much fun at a wedding – and that is precisely why you should think of making your wedding feel as entertaining as possible.

What are some of the very best ideas you could incorporate into your Big Day? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on if you are looking for some fun inspiration.

  • Make your escort cards double as guest book. A beautiful escort card display encouraging guests to replace their escort cards with a photo booth picture and a short message on it – now, that’s what we call interactive. Your friends and family will more than love doing this – especially if you allow them to be really fun with their messages (e.g. encouraging them to write date night ideas instead of old-fashioned good wishes).
  • Take them to the carnival. Want to have a really fun and playful after party? Take your guests to a festival or carnival in the area – or rent some theme park game to bring into your actual wedding. Either way, we guarantee people will find this to be one of the most original and entertaining wedding idea ever!
  • Forget about tables – make it a picnic. Want to plan a really casual, laid-back wedding reception? Replace tables with pretty blankets and pillows your guests can sit on and enjoy some old-fashioned picnic comfort foods, play games, and so on. This will be so refreshing and nice for guests who are much too used to classic weddings!


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