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OK, you want a lot of things on your wedding day – and seeing your wedding guests kicking it on the dance floor is definitely one of the most important ones. After all, this is the ultimate wedding entertainment – it’s been here since the beginning of weddings and it will stick with us for many, many decades to come as well.

How do you do it? How do you get guests off their seats and to the dance floor? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to learn more about this.

  • There’s no room for just one or two genres. Sure, you may be a big fan of rock, and you may deeply dislike country music – but there’s a very big chance your guests don’t like and dislike the same things as you do. Therefore, it’s important to offer them a wide range of songs during the wedding – and it’s important that they cover pretty much every genre there is. This way, you will automatically boost the chances they join in on the dance floor fun.
  • There’s no room for extra-long lists of songs not to play. Sure, we always advise clients to create a list of song they really, really don’t want to hear at their wedding (no matter what the reason behind this may be). However, creating a list of songs not to play that’s too long tends to limit the range of options for the guests – and this might make them unhappy, especially if they really like a lot of the songs you don’t. Be temperate with this and only add to this list the songs you absolutely cannot stand.
  • Find the right wedding DJ. We cannot emphasize this enough: hiring the perfect Houston wedding DJ is very important for the success of your wedding entertainment (and your wedding as a whole, after all). Hire someone who GETS you, someone who knows how to work with wedding crowds, and someone who can guarantee absolute professionalism during your Big Day. It will be worth the search!


Still on the lookout for the right wedding DJ in Houston? Contact DJ Dave Productions right now and allow us to be the ones who bring true FUN to your wedding day. Hire us and your guests will have a blast dancing on the music we mix!

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