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Insider Secrets From The Top DJ Entertainers And Wedding Professionals

Co-Author: David Petry (Owner of DJ Dave Productions)
Check out this new book. I am proud to be co-author and part of this amazing book along with 17 other leading DJ Entertainers from across the US. This book is a must have for anyone planning a wedding reception. Thanks to Mark Imperial for putting this project together over the last 9 months, this book is available at Amazon.

The Ultimate Wedding Reception

This tell-all book takes years of behind-the-scenes experience from top DJ Entertainers to show you what it really takes to create a terrific wedding reception. This book is not meant to be biased in any way, but will simply report the facts and let you decide what is important for your day. This book will cover many aspects of the wedding reception. This is not meant to be just from the entertainment’s perspective, although you will find where the entertainment fits as a catalyst for your celebration. There are many books, websites, and wedding magazines that choose to cover every aspect of the wedding from A to Z. Here we chose to go deep on one subject, which is the wedding reception, where I feel the information is lacking. This Book Is Like Having 2 Books in 1 In part one, we share the behind-the-scenes ingredients that go into a great reception. These won’t just be the common things you will read in generalist books. Instead, you’ll discover little-known secrets, facts, and unspoken truths. You may also be shocked when we reveal to you the “dark side” of the DJ Entertainer industry, which, quite frankly, some of the worst offenders hope you never hear. Over the years, we’ve heard so many wedding vendors complain about some of the things we will reveal, but until now no one’s had the guts to tell. The good news is that we’ll give you tons of great tips and things to look for and keep in mind while you plan your big day’s celebration finale. We’ll walk you past the big landmines, make you aware of some of the gotchas so you can avoid them, and keep you focused for success. You’ll get the seven essential truths about DJ Entertainers, including a hiring checklist. And once you hire your DJ Entertainer, we’ll share with you the biggest things to focus on so you can get the best performance of their career for YOUR reception! In part two, we’ll introduce to you 18 of the world’s leading DJ Entertainers. We have personally invited them to contribute tips, tricks, and secrets coming from their experiences in their part of the world. These DJ Entertainers have been invited because they have demonstrated their passion and commitment to serving their clients. You should look to these DJ Entertainer chapters for big ideas, inspirations, and themes. Some will share different, unexpected challenges they faced, and how they overcame them by thinking on their feet. You’ll find part two to be a refreshing way to round out the knowledge base of this book. Before this one, there has never been a book created that shares as many ideas and perspectives from top professionals for your benefit. Enjoy this book, and have a great time!

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