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Your DJ is an essential to your big day! After all, you will want to ensure that your guests are thoroughly entertained. So, you will certainly want to ensure that you hire the best of the best when it comes to your own wedding DJ.

Take a Look at Ways to Entertain Your Guests at Your Houston Wedding

In order to do so, you will want to ask your potential wedding DJ some questions. Are you aware of what they are?

We understand just how important quality entertainment is at a wedding! That’s why, here at DJ Dave Productions, we have gathered some questions that you will want to ask your own wedding DJ. If you would like to discover what these questions are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Will You Help Me Comprise a Playlist? Your DJ should have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to music! Therefore, they should certainly be able to assist you with creating the perfect playlist for your big day. From your walk down the aisle, to your bouquet toss, they should have inspiration for songs that you can choose for yours.
  • What Happens If Unfortunate Events Occur? If your DJ were to fall ill, or if equipment were to malfunction, your DJ should be prepared with a back-up plan! You will want to have confidence that your DJ will be able to handle any unfortunate events that could arise.
  • Do You Just Play Music? A wedding DJ should do more than just play music! In fact, they should act as an MC too. By making announcements and encouraging guests to get out on the dance floor, your DJ will be responsible for amping up your big day.

By hiring a wonderful wedding DJ, your big day is sure to be a success! These are just a few questions that you will want to ask your own wedding DJ.

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If you are all set to hire your own Houston wedding DJ, please contact us here at DJ Dave Productions. As a wedding DJ in Houston, Texas, we would be honored with the opportunity to be a part of your happily ever after.

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