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DJ Dave Productions www.djdaveproductions.com will be located in booth #1434 at the show. This is an excellent show for all Brides to be, help plan thier big wedding day! Hope to see you there!

See http://www.bridalextravaganzashow.com/index.php/bridal-extravaganza-houston/

Here is a complete overview of helpful information about the show.

Overview & FAQs

Welcome to the 27th Bi-Annual Bridal Extravaganza Show!


We’ll show you how to do itSaturday, January 8, 2011 10AM to 5PM to Sunday, January 9th, 2011 11AM to 5PM

Where to do itGeorge R. Brown Convention Center Downtown Houston, Texas Two Big Halls D & E

Everything you’ll need to do it … Even what to wear to do it!

Everyone is welcome! Bring your Bridal Party and the GROOM!


About the Bridal Extravaganza


This is the best weekend to meet face to face with Houston’s top wedding vendors. See in person all they have to offer, including samples of their designs, photos and video of reception locations, displays and new ideas to make your wedding special, various styles of photography, and, as we say, “everything from the garter to the getaway car” will be under one roof during the show weekend.

Why Should I Attend?

Brides, grooms, and their families, save time, gas, energy, confusion, and money by attending the Bridal Extravaganza Show. Eliminate playing phone tag or back and forth emails when trying to get an appointment with a wedding vendor. Get immediate, face-to-face response. Brides have for 26 years found that attending this Event skips so many wasted steps.

How Will This Show Save Me Money?

Each participating vendor offers their best prices during our show. Bridal couples benefit from competing vendors to create the best values on services and products. You are encouraged to comparison shop, come prepared with “budget zones” for each category. The majority of the companies will offer special “show prices” or discounts for immediate bookings — usually at a significant savings. Some also offer the perk of a special “gift” with a purchase.

How Should I Prepare to Attend?

Make a checklist of the most important elements needed to complete your wedding plans. The Bridal Extravaganza show normally features companies in more than 40 different categories of wedding and new-home needs.

Come with a specific date and time in mind for the wedding services required. One of the first questions you will need to ask any company in the “service” category: “Are you available or have an opening on _____(date)? If the response is negative, move on to another similar company.


How Many Companies Will Be On Hand?

Over 400 companies will be showcased in 700 displays. There will be a variety of selections in the most requested categories, such as reception facilities, photographers, caterers and videographers. Best of all are the range of choices available. No matter the type or style of wedding each couple desires, from very formal to very informal, from large to small budgets, or the date they may desire, everyone will be impressed with the many options from which to select at every Bridal Extravaganza show.


Come Prepared to Make Decisions!

Whether the wedding date is just two weeks away or two years away, everything at the show will be “bookable” and “buyable.”

Couples with very popular wedding dates, such as those in June or December will need to make quick decisions and commitments in order to secure their chosen wedding reception site, caterer or photographer.

Many couples do make initial deposits or sign confirmed contracts to secure their top choices at this event. Several companies take credit cards for deposits while others will accept personal checks.

Our best advice? If you are not prepared to make a deposit, at least plan to make a definite appointment at the show to meet with your favorite vendors.

The top vendors often find a year’s worth of business booked at the show or within six weeks of the show. Act quickly — don’t procrastinate or you may end up with your second or third choices.


What to Wear?

Definitely wear comfortable clothes and easy walking shoes. This show has almost 19 aisles of booths to review, as well as special displays, including the Gallery of Cakes and the Portrait Display Gallery, plus several different fashion shows to see each day.


Who Should Attend?

The show is open to the general public. Brides, grooms (yes, lots of grooms do attend!), their parents, siblings and other family members are welcome, along with close friends and bridal party members. Brides and grooms will be given special “name tags” making it a fun event for the “celebrities” at this show. Also welcome are corporate event planners who will find all the elements they need to orchestrate company functions or gala events, and many families planning quinceaneras also come to the Bridal Extravaganza.


Wheelchair/Scooter/Stroller Info

Wheelchair rental is available at the First Aid booth located in the front of Hall E. Scooter rental is not available. Strollers are welcome.

Final Show Tip!

Come with an open mind. This is your wedding, and there will be so many new ideas that every couple can add to their plans to truly make it a unique event.

Some of the most talented and creative designers, florists, cake artists, wedding planners, gown designers, decorators and accessory designers participate in the show. They are all on the cutting edge of the “latest and greatest.” Expect to see lots of new, exciting and beautiful elements to make your wedding day as special as the two of you.

DON’T MISS THE BIG SHOW! It’s a Wedding Wonderland created especially for Texas brides!

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